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"I absolutely love Jenn’s QiGong classes!  The first time I took one of Jenn’s classes, I was not in a good place emotionally.  I was having a really difficult time at work, and I was feeling stressed out and anxious, even on the weekends.  Jenn’s class turned my day around!  The difference that class made in my state-of-mind was amazing.  It gave me hope that I could handle the awful situation at work and be okay.  The physical movements are not taxing, but I feel that taking the class is so much better for my health than sitting on the couch watching TV.  But the best part is what it does for me emotionally.  I can’t say enough about how highly I recommend these classes.  I’m telling all my friends.  All I can say is DO IT!  You will be glad you did." -BethAnn


"I really enjoy doing Jenn’s classes it is very relaxing and calming, I didn’t think I had much coordination, but Jenn makes it seem easy to do the exercises, her calming voice makes you feel at ease, and I look forward to my next class."   - Carole


"I just wanted to say thank you again for such an incredible class! WOW- I noticed such a big shift in my energy and headspace and I am so grateful! You did an incredible job of gently guiding us with easy-to-understand instructions." -Shannon


"Have to agree these sessions are just fab for helping improve balance and unwind from life’s stresses." -Anne

"Doing Jenn’s Qigong is so calming and if you are stressed it does away with that and you feel better; it is all so really good for my joints - keeping them moving but in a safe way. I really enjoy it and Jenn’s calming quiet voice is so relaxing. I think anybody would find doing Qigong beneficial"  -Ann


"Jenn has the most amazing, soothing voice to help you achieve a sense of calm during your practice. She really allows the perfect amount of time for each sequence to allow your mind and body to connect and for you to FEEL your Qi flow!" - Mandy


It is such an amazing feel good class, I think so many could benefit from it. I’ve not done a class before where I’ve thought “yes this is so me”    - Jaime


"I can't recommend these classes enough. I always feel incredibly relaxed and stress free afterwards."  -Susie


"I really enjoy QiGong! Jenn keeps the classes fun, relaxing and interesting. I always end class feeling calm and relaxed. It's very beneficial physically & mentally" - Sam


"She has a way to calm your soul with her soft voice; so relaxing. Anyone who has a lot of stress needs to try qigong" - Iris


"I'm so grateful I took BethAnn's suggestion to take your QiGong class. Since taking some of your classes I've become aware of my breathing and am feeling better able to calm myself. Your voice is so soothing and you make learning the moves easy." -Karen R.


"Thank you to introducing me to a new exercise that's helped my pain, that I'm now more mobile." - Cheryl

...And MY Sincere Thanks goes out to...

My husband Bri, who is my rock, my cheerleader, my IT guy, editor, photographer, and so much more. I am a better person & teacher because of your generous, unconditional love & support.

My open-minded friends, family, and students who have given me encouragement, love & support, and helped me practice my teaching skills.

Lee Holden, for bringing QiGong to the Western World, making it accessible and creating the teacher certification program. And the Holden QiGong community of advisors and fellow students, providing a sounding board of ideas, advice, and positive energy.

Organizations like the YMCA and local gyms, who took a chance on me, and on QiGong, allowing me to introduce more people to this beautiful practice.

...I am where I am today, thanks to all of you! 

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