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Welcome to Sun & Moon QiGong

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What Is QiGong?

QiGong ("chee gung") is the art of moving meditation that integrates breath, gentle flowing movements, and positive intentions. It is "Mindfulness in Motion".


It is an ancient Chinese practice that mirrors the movements of nature and helps to restore balance & harmony: both within ourselves, and between our internal & external environment.

QiGong is a personal & unique journey where we connect with our inner power to create more relaxation, peace of mind, resilience, and gratitude... just to name a few benefits.


We will cultivate more Qi: our life-force energy, our "aliveness"... We will transform any negative energy into positive, turning stress into vitality!

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1 hr Group classes (via Zoom): $15 per person

1/2 hr Group classes (via Zoom): $7 per person

Private 1-to-1 Sessions via Zoom: $25 per person

(ask about discounts for semi-private classes and class packages)

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All wellness practitioners :: Sun and Moon QiGong - SproutStep Holistic Health - for Enterprises (B2B) and Individuals (B2C)

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What to Expect:

All you need is comfortable clothing so you can move easily. We'll be standing for the movements & flows, and most of them can be adapted easily if anyone needs to sit through the class.  At the end of each 1-hr class, I'll lead you through a short meditation, so you can also have a comfortable place to sit or lay down afterward - yoga mat, pillow, blanket, chair...